Miami Foreclosure Attorney

South Florida has the dubious distinction of ranking number six in home foreclosures in major metropolitan areas in the United States in a study completed in 2015. The same report compiled by real estate information company “RealityTrac” offered some positive news and hope – a 30% reduction in new foreclosure filings.

But will the improvement from 2015 continue? In Miami alone, in January of 2016, there were 546 foreclosure filings, followed by 565 in February.

Numbers, statistics, percentages can keep people on a roller coaster of emotions. When it is your home being foreclosed upon, the percentage of impact is 100%. When it is your home being foreclosed upon, you need the guidance and expertise of an expert Miami foreclosure attorney.

The purchase of a home is so much more than a financial transaction. The loss is so much more than a monetary loss. Your home is an emotional investment. The possibility of losing a place that promises security and holds the memories of your life is devastating. These are the very reasons you must act quickly and wisely when faced with the possibility of foreclosure.

Banks and mortgage companies do not always act fairly or even legally. The newspaper headlines of massive settlements in foreclosure fraud cases are proof of that statement.

When it’s “them” against “you” (and your family), you must quickly even the playing field the best way possible. “They” have access to powerful attorneys on retainer looking out for their bottom line. You need – and deserve – expert representation of your own.

It is imperative to understand the implications of a lender violating:

Do you understand how violations of those regulations might impact your personal foreclosure situation?

Probably not. But an experienced, skilled Miami foreclosure attorney does understand these important factors and many more. Your foreclosure attorney will explore the details of your situation and find every option possible to help you keep your home.

Attorneys are prohibited from promising a positive outcome. How can you know if the attorney you have called is the best one for your situation? Ask for information about their results in past foreclosure cases. If the attorney guarantees a win, they are not acting in an ethical manner and you should move on. If the attorney is reluctant to share their history of working in foreclosure cases, it is again time to keep searching.

There are many attorneys to choose from. Make your list of questions. Call and ask about a consultation. Move quickly, but carefully, as you find the best Miami foreclosure attorney for your unique situation. When you are in danger of foreclosure, your next steps are life-changing.