Think For A Moment About The Times Divorce Has Touched Your Life


Would it be safe to say that divorce has affected every American in some way? As common as it is, you would think so. It happens, unfortunately, and while a decision that must be made for oneself, it is a decision that comes with so much baggage. There can be extremely negative consequences in certain situations, and then there can be positive consequences of course, too.

How has divorce affected you? Maybe you are divorced or your parents got divorced. If you have escaped those two so far, then divorce has certainly entered your life in some form or fashion. My Uncle Mike has been divorced twice, and his brother and his sister, my mom, have each been divorced once. I am still single so is haven’t yet had the chance to get divorced.

The most unfortunate circumstances are when divorce negatively affects children involved. At the time of my parent’s divorce, I wouldn’t have told you that it negatively affected me, but I was 16 so what did I know? Of course it had its negative effects on my life, but there are hard things to deal with in life. People get divorced, and it is their own lives affected the most. In other words it is their business.

However, when there are kids involved, again, that’s a different story. They are affected in many ways, too, and the worst part about it is they are helpless. They are at the mercy of the people getting divorced, the people who love them and take care of them. It can be a trying time. That’s just one reason why divorce can be such a touchy subject. There can be talks of child custody and child support. Spouses are sometimes angry at one another and well, the list continues, but divorces can also end amicably as well.